Brewing - our passion

Steam Brewing Company is one of New Zealand’s largest Craft Breweries. Having achieved over 200 medals and trophies internationally, our produce is known for it’s quality. We are respected in the trade for our world-class brewing and packaging.

We have a highly trained and experienced team, who love making beer and drinking beer. Our team holds revered International brewing qualifications through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling – our Master Brewer actually holds a Masters in Brewing. Each Steam Brewing Company brew is constructed and refined by our small crew of six. Manual valves and non-automatometry allow our brewers to guide the plant and craft a diverse array of exquisite beers.

We started in October 1995 with a little English pub out front of the brewery in East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand. It was a sweet little timber-clad kit and we achieved great success with it. Natural ingredients, fun and most of all quality were the key aims of the brewery and it’s beer. Sadly our beer’s popularity out-grew capacity and we have evolved into New Zealand’s premium Contract Brewer at our Custom Beverage Unit in Otahuhu. It was created and loved by our Head Brewer back in 1995 as the Auckland Breweries site. Like a large blue brick, our 100hL brewery sits proudly amongst the mangroves on the South coast of the Manukau Harbour.

Please trust our Award-winning brewers with your brands, we deliver wholesome and great tasting beers.


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